Press Release
April 7, 2021
The state has opened up the COVID vaccine to everyone who would like to receive it.  The Geary County Health Department has Johnson and Johnson as well as the Moderna vaccine available.  We have been calling and scheduling people to receive their vaccine, however, some people go to one of the local pharmacies or another location to receive their vaccine and do not notify us they have received their vaccine, so we are working to use vaccine at the last minute because people don’t come in for their scheduled appointment.
When vaccine has been opened, we have 6 hours to use it up or must throw it away.  This is a terrible waste of vaccine when we cannot get someone in on short notice because someone else has no showed for their appointment.  
We have been working through our sign-up roster and are finding that a majority of people have already received their vaccine someplace else.  If people want to receive their vaccine, from this point forward, they need to call the Geary County Health Department at 785-762-5788 and we will schedule you.  If someone is scheduled and decides to get their vaccine someplace else, they need to notify the Health Department immediately so that we can get someone else to fill the spot, so no vaccine goes to waste.  
The state recommends that people get whichever vaccine comes available.  We will try to accommodate your wishes but it will depend on how much of each vaccine we have available.
If you have any questions, or want to sign up, just call the Health Department.  We’re here to help.
Garry Berges, Director
Geary County Emergency Management