C.E.R.T. stands for Community Emergency Response Team. Geary County is proud to offer citizens a chance to get involved as volunteers to help with possible disasters. C.E.R.T. volunteers will be trained in emergency preparedness and basic response techniques thus enabling them to take a more active role in providing critical support to first responders during emergencies.


Following a disaster, only trained personnel will be allowed into a disaster site during the rescue phase. Once trained, C.E.R.T volunteers will work with other trained responders. Duties could include search and rescue, traffic control, and disaster medicine. C.E.R.T members could also be called upon to help at the command post and emergency operations center.


Training as a C.E.R.T volunteer will take approximately 24 hours initially. Additional training is also available.

Who to Contact

Additional information concerning the Geary County C.E.R.T. program can be obtained through the Geary County Emergency Management Office by calling 785-238-1290. For an application, view the C.E.R.T Application (PDF).

Geary County is proud to offer citizens another opportunity to get involved with C.E.R.T. Geary County held the last C.E.R.T training in the Spring of 2017. If you are interested in attending the upcoming classes or know of anyone who would be interested in attending the class, please fill out an application or give us a call.