Recycling Center 

Recycling Guidelines


  • We accept number 1 and number 2 plastics such as:
    • Detergent containers
    • Milk jugs
    • Peanut butter and similar jars
    • Soda bottles
    • Water bottles

Please rinse all food and beverage containers!

  • We do not accept number 3 through 7 plastics such as:
    • All Styrofoam products
    • Food storage containers
    • Plastic bags
    • Plastic pipes

Aluminum & Steel Cans

Please rinse all cans. No need to remove labels.


Please remove all shiny inserts.


Telephone books may be placed in the magazine bin.

Office Paper

  • We accept:
    • Copier and computer paper
    • Letterhead paper
    • Manila folders
    • Pastel colored paper
    • White notebook paper
  • We do not accept:
    • Bright fluorescent and dark colored paper
    • Carbon or carbonless paper
    • Envelopes with plastic windows
    • Paper containing wood pulp which looks and feels like a newspaper
    • Yellow sticky tabs