July 29th, 2021

Notice to all vehicle owners:  

Starting August 16th, for the State of Kansas to be in compliance with federal regulations, the treasurer’s office will no longer be able to title a vehicle without a title.  This pertains to those with OUT OF STATE plates on their vehicle or those who may have bought a vehicle with an OUT OF STATE TITLE. In the past, we have issued a temporary courtesy registration for those without a title, we can no longer do that.  NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System), was established under the Anti Car Theft Act of 1992 and was reauthorized under the Anti Car Theft Improvements Act of 1996. It is a tool designed to assist state vehicle title agencies, vehicle title investigators, and law enforcement in deterring and preventing vehicle related crimes.   It is intended to protect consumers from fraud and unsafe vehicles.   

 If you are planning to buy or currently are not in possession of your (out of state title) due to financing it, you need to contact your lienholder and have them send the title to the motor vehicle department in which you are intending to title your vehicle. The Geary County Treasurer’s Office is located at 200 E 8th St in Junction City, the address to have title mailed is: Geary County Treasurer’s Office (Motor Vehicle Department) 200 E 8th St Junction City KS  66441  

View more information about registering your vehicle in Kansas.


The Treasurer’s office will be using the following COVID-19 Protocol.

About the Treasurer

A county-wide elected office with a four-year term, the treasurer’s position is held by Kathy Tremont. Mrs. Tremont has been the County Treasurer since 1993. Her office is located in the Geary County Office Building at:
200 E 8th Street
Junction City, KS 66441

Certified Kansas County Finance Executive (CFE)

Mrs. Tremont has achieved the highest degree in the continuing education program provided by the Kansas County Treasurers Association and Fort Hayes State University. Having completed the 96 hours of education, she has now earned the designation of Certified Kansas County Finance Executive.

President of the Kansas County Treasurer Association

Kathy served twice as President of the Kansas County Treasurer’s Association in 2000 and 2013. She has served in every capacity on the board and is currently a member of the Legislative committee.

Duties of the County Treasurer

The County Treasurer’s Office by state law is responsible for the tax billing, collection and distribution of tax money for the state, county, and cities and all other taxing entities that levy ad valorem and/or special assessment taxes. 

The Treasurer is also responsible for all other money belonging to Geary County and/or directed by law to be paid to the Treasurer. In addition, the Treasurer serves as an agent for the State Department of Revenue, Division of Vehicles regarding the administration of the state motor vehicle title and registration laws.