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Starting August 16th, for the State of Kansas to be in compliance with federal regulations, the treasurer’s office will no longer be able to register a vehicle without a title. In the past, we have issued a temporary courtesy registration for those without a title, we can no longer do that.  NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System), was established under the Anti Car Theft Act of 1992 and was reauthorized under the Anti Car Theft Improvements Act of 1996. It is a tool designed to assist state vehicle title agencies, vehicle title investigators, and law enforcement in deterring and preventing vehicle related crimes. It is intended to protect consumers from fraud and unsafe vehicles.

If you currently are not in possession of your title due to financing it, you need to contact your lienholder and have them send the original title to the motor vehicle department in which you are intending to register your vehicle. The Geary County Treasurer’s Office is located at 200 E 8th St in Junction City, the address to have the title mailed is: Geary County Treasurer’s Office (Motor Vehicle Department) 200 E 8th St Junction City KS  66441.

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Title Fee - $10.00

Tag Fee - $0.50

Registration Fees:

  • Auto's (4500 lbs. or less) = $42.25
  • Auto's (4501 lbs. or more) = $52.25
  • Trucks = $52.25
  • Motorcycles = $28.25
  • Motorized Bicycle = $20.00

Property Tax: For the property tax use our Kansas Vehicle Property Tax Check.

  • When using the Property Tax Check, keep in mind that our office will pro-rate your property tax from your purchase price to your upcoming registration month. For example, if you purchased your vehicle in March and your registration month is in September. You would put Purchase Date to Renewal in the "Calculation Period" drop down. Then enter your purchase date, this is found on the assigned title. If you come in to register and title your vehicle and your registration month is within 60 days, you do have the option to go to the following year. For example, if you purchased your vehicle in March and your registration month is in April, you would figure out the pro-rated amount from your purchase price to your registration month. Then you would clear the fields of your Kansas Vehicle Property Tax Check and then you would select Full Registration Year in the "Calculation Period". Do not change the "Full Registration Year" drop down. This will give your both the pro-rated amount from purchase price to current registration year AND the following registration year.
  • Active duty military is exempt from property tax.

Look up your Registration Month.

Sales Tax: For the sales tax use our Sales Tax Rate Lookup.

  • This will be collected in the tag office if the vehicle was purchased from an individual or an out-of state car dealer. If purchased from a Kansas Dealer with the intention to register the vehicle in Kansas, the sales tax rate charged is the combined state and local (city, county, and/or special jurisdiction) rate in effect at the dealer's place of business. If the dealer's rate is lower than Geary County then there will be a sales tax difference that will need to be paid during the time of titling and registration.The rate in Geary County is 9.75%.
  • If you reside on Fort Riley your address will determine whether you register in Riley County or in Geary County. Please contact either Treasurer's office to determine where you will need to pay your sale's tax.

Add the fees and taxes together to get your estimate. This is an estimate only, based on the information you have entered.


This is a combined weight of your trailer, fully loaded.

  • 2,000-8,000 = $24.00
  • 8,001-12000 = $34.00
  • 12001 and over = $44.00

If the weight of the trailer and the load combined is less than 2,000 pounds, registration is optional.

If farm trailer, hauling the farmers own product, has a load of less than 6,000 pounds, registration is optional.

For fees on trucks with gross weight of over 16,000 pounds, call the County Treasurer's Office.

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