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Watercraft Bill of Sale

  1. WATERCRAFT BILL OF SALE. Form must be filled out completely
    Notice: Seller is Required to notify Geary County Appraisers Office by December 20th in order to qualify for proration of taxes.
  3. Boat Year
  4. Model
  5. Make
  6. Hull ID#
  7. KA #
  8. Motor Year
  9. Make
  10. ID#
  11. HP
  12. Trailer Year
  13. Make
  14. Model
  15. VIN#
  16. Number of Axles
  17. Date of Sale
  18. Boat Sale Price
  19. Motor Sale Price
  20. Trailer Sale Price
  21. I, the undersigned, Hereby swear or affirm that I am the seller of the watercraft described herein and that the information provided in this Bill of Sale is true and correct to the best of my belief. I am aware that the law provides severe penalties for making false statements under oath.
  22. Electronic Signature Agreement
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